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About the Books

The Story

Alisdair and his adoptive brother Sedrick were enjoying life as leaders of Amthwaite’s dragon riders. Things had been going well for them and their future looked bright, until one day they were attacked by pirates! These weren’t ordinary seafaring pirates — they also had dragons!

While dealing with the pirate threat some chance encounters with a foreigners lead Alisdair to believe there is more to the invading warriors than meets the eye, and he will have to join forces with strangers to defeat a new threat: a deadly illness that is killing dragons.

As they seek answers to the mysterious disease the riders of Amthwaite are confronted with many new challenges, and a mysterious prophecy speaks of an ancient doom that is bound to befall the land of Anglorum. Sedrick’s little sister gets unexpectedly caught up in the fighting and her life is endanger, but unless they can rally enough help it won’t matter in the end, everyone will be enslaved.

The History

The tales of Anglorum are set in Medieval Anglo-Saxon England around the year 1,000 AD in a town called Amthwaite. (An example of what the houses may have looked like is featured above. I was unable to find a photo credit.) During this time the Anglo-Saxons were first encountering Christianity and beginning to develop more modern ways of thinking and communicating.

The cultures featured in the books are primarily Anglo-Saxon, but you will also meet characters of Celtic, Eastern, and African origin.

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